Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crap I meant to get done before Labor Day....(Thursday Thirteen)

I had a whole lot I wanted to get done in the 3 months that the kids were out of school and I was out of work, but now with the first day of school looming over yonder, I realize that I "ain't done squat".

And that here are some things (13 of 'em actually) I "meant" to get done.....

1. Go fishing with my guys~ We used to get out fishing at least a dozen times as a family and now they mostly go with Hubby or Uncle.

2. Paint the Bathroom~ It was an awful red kitty litter textured mess, now it is primed and waiting for that last coat of paint....and has been waiting.... for months

3. Clean the carpets or get the puppy to stop having "accidents"~ That puppy is still doing it!! Just to irritate me I just know it...

4. Paint the Livingroom~ Okay we moved in almost 3 years ago and I finally found a color I like...

5. Organize the garage~ I've done this every few months since we moved here in an effort to NOT become like all the other people who can't park their cars in the garage....

6. Move the Hostas and plant more Irises~ Again, almost 3 years and just now getting to this...

7. Detail my car~ Also a chore that should be done every few months in great detail because as we all know, children ruin your stuff and if you don't keep up with it it will bowl you there's a smell coming from the backseat....

8. Go swimming~ I LOVE to swim, sadly we have been so busy this summer I haven't found the time to go to the local pool.

9. Fix the upstairs shower~ Seriously the damn thing has been broken (plugged?) since April. Would it kill Hubby to call for help??

10. Re-do the home office ie: Organize!!~ More of the same....

11. Weed the flower beds~ Now that sounds like a wild thyme...hahaha, get it "wild thyme (time)". okay sorry bad joke...

12. Paint the paneling in the basement~ oh it's awful and the only thing I can do to fix it for now is paint it...

and finally...

13. Go on a family trip~ The Knaves have been busy all summer .....gone at camp, at the lake with Nana & Papa, visiting at Uncle Frank's and hangin' with friends..... Heck, Maybe we'll get a quick trip in this fall.

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  1. Wow, I have a bunch of the same that I need to get done too!

    Great blog!

  2. I totally thought I commented when I visited the first time...but since I am apparently more of an airhead than I thought... I'm commenting now, the second time I visited today. LOL

    I think I may do this thursday thirteen thing too...its cool!

  3. I need to be more like you and make a list!

  4. To make you feel a little better, we've lived in this house for 10 years. The things that need to be done, yeah, too many to count. And you'll have visitors soon,so, maybe some of them can help weed, plant, move, etc. etc. :-)


  5. *Whew!!*

    I thought I was the only one who didn't do anything this summer! Glad to know I ain't alone!


  6. Whew. Just reading this wore me out... It's called summer VACATION you know. :)

  7. you totally reminded me i need to take the kids swimming. whew! thanks for that!


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