Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Return of The King or Hubby Comes Home.....

So I mentioned yesterday that my hubby, The King, has been living in a hotel in another state while waiting for the kids, the dogs and I to get moved down to him.

Don't feel bad for him (just in case you were) he's perfectly comfy and even has an indoor pool and hot tub to use.

Tomorrow The King returns....he's coming home for the holiday and it couldn't happen fast enough! Not only do I miss the sound of him snoring in the bed next to me, but I need a break from these damn kids! I may run out of the house screaming as soon as he gets here.

I have had it with this single mommy thing I've got going on.... I have always admired single moms because I had a single mom (for a period of time) and I know how hard the job can be to do alone. Let me just say that I HATE IT! IT SUCKS!

I am tired. I am stressed. I hate homework. I am sick of cartoons.

Did you know Jabba the Hut had a gay uncle? Well now you know. I didn't know, but I had to watch The Clone Wars with the kids because Dad wasn't here and now I know.

If my youngest 'sings' the last words that come out of my mouth ONE MORE TIME, I will burst!

The dogs are driving me nuts, Winnie likes to sit in the recliner with Dad and get snuggled so now she jumps into my lap every time I sit down.

The beings in my house NEED their daddy.......I just need a coffee break!!

Please send help.....a life jacket, a raft......a Starbucks gift card perhaps*....... OR just good vibes for clear roads so that King can get home tomorrow!

*All donations (whether material or spiritual) are appreciated!
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death..........

I have been absent.

Very absent.

It turns out that occasionally life is hard and takes work.....demmit!

When the kids went back to school in September I though I would have a ton of time to blog and play around on the net. No such luck. First I got sick, yep sick....I caught a cold. A cold that lingered then turned into bronchitis. The bronchitis lingered and while coughing and hanging up a jacket, I popped a rib.

Yes, you read that right....POPPED A RIB.

Popped it right out of place. Seems that this is a fairly common thing but the hell if I knew about it. Did you know about it?

Anyway a wonderful mom at a soccer game mentioned it to me and encouraged me to see a chiropractor, I went the next day and had my first adjustment in a series. I'm still sore today but mostly 100%......finally.

Oh and did I mention that during this time I found out that King had an interview for a new position within his company. Of course my hubby is the kind of man that gets any job he interviews for, so he got the job.

And now we're moving.

Last weekend I found a new house in a town five hours from here, we made and offer, and it was accepted as written. We'll be closing in two weeks, the movers come a week after that. Till then King is at the new job, living in a hotel and I'm playing single mommy to 2 boys and 2 dogs.

I am exhausted.

So here I am, once again begging for your forgiveness. Hopefully absence does make the heart grow fonder and you'll all be smitten with me once again......

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Haiku Friday: Blocked yet Bailed Out

My Haiku's are brought to you today by The Ace of Hearts' little girl friend whom we'll call "The Hatter" as she's quite crazy and funny and just an all around "mad" kid.

The Hatter learned about haiku in school and when I mentioned Haiku Friday she asked if she could write some for my blog. Since I've not posted anything in quite some time (ie; blocked) I figured it couldn't hurt.

So here you are Haiku Friday brought to you by a 10 yo "Hatter".....

Haiku's are poems
they are like short word puzzles
they don't need to rhyme

Pigs really like mud
Monkeys do not like mud
but I do like mud

Trees are brown and green
though there is color inside
that is always missed

Will pigs ever fly?
I think it may happen soon
they should stay on land

So what do y'all think? She did a great job in my opinion but then I'm biased because I like the kid. Thanks "Hatter"!!

For more Haiku Friday or to play along please go visit over at A Mommy Story.
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