Monday, November 24, 2008

Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death..........

I have been absent.

Very absent.

It turns out that occasionally life is hard and takes work.....demmit!

When the kids went back to school in September I though I would have a ton of time to blog and play around on the net. No such luck. First I got sick, yep sick....I caught a cold. A cold that lingered then turned into bronchitis. The bronchitis lingered and while coughing and hanging up a jacket, I popped a rib.

Yes, you read that right....POPPED A RIB.

Popped it right out of place. Seems that this is a fairly common thing but the hell if I knew about it. Did you know about it?

Anyway a wonderful mom at a soccer game mentioned it to me and encouraged me to see a chiropractor, I went the next day and had my first adjustment in a series. I'm still sore today but mostly 100%......finally.

Oh and did I mention that during this time I found out that King had an interview for a new position within his company. Of course my hubby is the kind of man that gets any job he interviews for, so he got the job.

And now we're moving.

Last weekend I found a new house in a town five hours from here, we made and offer, and it was accepted as written. We'll be closing in two weeks, the movers come a week after that. Till then King is at the new job, living in a hotel and I'm playing single mommy to 2 boys and 2 dogs.

I am exhausted.

So here I am, once again begging for your forgiveness. Hopefully absence does make the heart grow fonder and you'll all be smitten with me once again......

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  1. You know I'm always smitten with you :) It'll all be over sooooonnnnn (not promising though lol)

  2. You realize, don't you, that's a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies, right??

    It'll all be better soon, hon! One step at a time, sweetie!

  3. Oh ouch sweetie! No fun, no fun at all!

  4. I'm still trying to digest the part about "popping a rib"!

    You are indeed busy! Don't worry, things will settle down and we'll all still be here. :)

  5. LOVE your post title. That is one of the greatest movies!!

    Hang in there, just a little bit longer, and you'll be getting settled in at the new place...


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