Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Winnie!

~ 4 months old~

My puppy Winifred turned 1 yesterday.

Is it still okay to call her a puppy?

She's such a funny little dog, I adore her when she's not trying to get me to kill her.

I just wish she and her "brother" Minot would get along better, she keeps trying to bite his balls and he hates her for it (as well he should). We decided to get her 'fixed' first, but now I'm wishing we had done Minot first.

She is constantly drinking water, you'd think she lives in the desert. Oh and she burps! Actual burps! In your face too, she doesn't mind at all....

She loves to chew and she loves to cuddle, she likes to run and she digs meeting new people.

Winnie is awesome and now she's 1......

Happy Birthday Winnie!!!

~ 1 year old~

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  1. Happy Birthday Winnie!!

    And she'll settle....someday anyway.

  2. What a cutie!! Happy "birthday" Winnie!

  3. Aww it's like watching one of the kids grow up.

    Happy birthday Winnie!!

  4. That is one cute, happy looking pup!

  5. Winnie is just adorable! Happy Birthday poocharoo!


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