Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey I found it....YAY!!!

Once again I haven't got a truly good excuse for my lack of blogging. I've tried to stay on task but things just seem to get out of hand this time of year. Between spring cleaning (is spring ever coming to this neck of the country?) and the kids' activities, I've been a busy busy girl! So let's see, maybe I can break down my news into small easy to swallow blurbs, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in a comment....

* My Aunt is dying of cancer. She recently decided that chemo wasn't going to help so she quit it. On the up side she seems a little bit better according to my father. We're hoping to get down to see her soon.....

* The Knaves have been taking Spanish every Thursday at the university (they offer a free program...soo cool!) but they only have two weeks left.....

* My upstairs (main floor) bath tub is stopped up thanks to the Knave of Spades' obsession with taking tiny little things into the shower with him, it's been unusable for more than two weeks despite the King and his dad's best efforts to find the little drain obstruction. On the other hand we have a very nice shower/bathroom in the basement so we've all been using that....

* I mentioned that the Knaves are both in sports right? well they are both playing soccer this spring and the KoH is playing baseball too. Unfortunatley the weather has been so hit and miss that we have only had one baseball practice and one weekend of soccer games. The Knaves have yet to wear shorts for any of their sports events and have so far have mostly played/practiced in a cold drizzle.....

* If April showers bring may flowers......what does April snow bring??

* The puppy is doing well. Winnie has finally mostly gotten a hold on the whole "peeing outside thing" (thankfully!!), I was about to my limit on the carpet cleaning.....

* There are only 6 Mondays left for the school year (counting today) and I couldn't be happier....

Ya know I think that's it for today....I can't think right now of anything else that I can add. I will try to keep up with the, really! Stop laughing!!
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  1. I love finding a post after I've already cried and whined to the whole world about losing it... LOL. I can't believe it's still snowing!!! And no fair on the dog that pees outside. We had to get a kennel and start re-training the new one. UGH.

  2. I'm telling you, make a bell string for the door you want the og to wonders!!

  3. Damn darlin'

    Sorry about your Aunt. I posted a poem yesterday that I think will help. It was used for Dee's services and it's just perfect. Love ya.


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