Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been a bad bad girl.....

So I typed up a very long, very fact filled post all about why I haven't been blogging and all the things going on in my life......

but my laptop battery died right before I saved!

So there was a bunch of crap about being busy and the Knaves playing sports and it fricking snowing here TODAY......

Anyway, since I don't remember it all so I thought I'd post a photo of what I woke to this morning instead.....

April 27, 2008

In this next photo you can just see the possible blue sky behind the snowy branches...

Blue sky through the snow

So yay! for me, snow. Snow on the ground with just 6 weeks till school gets out for summer. Great! Fabulous! Terrific! {if you can't tell I'm sick of snow}....

Anywho....if I can recover the other post I wrote I will post it as well, otherwise I will try to be back next week....same Qweenie time, same Qweenie station.....
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  1. how the heck have you been? i did miss you!!!
    um...why is there snow over by you? don't you people know that winter is over?

  2. I been here....under the frickin' snow! I know that winter should be over but I guess Jack Frost and Ma Nature are having some sort of love fest! I hate it!!

    Thanks for stopping by though, now go clean your pool....LOL

  3. Yeah, we are supposed to be getting snow this week to...just shoot me!

  4. people people people. the time for snow is done!

    you're making me feel good about being in rainytown! and i don't *want* to!!!

  5. EWWWWWWWWWW...snow!! And I miss reading your stuff...*sniff*sniff*

  6. Seriously.
    Damn, that's gorgeous.
    It's 86 and muggier than hell here. Want to trade?
    Misses you!

  7. Dude, I could have sworn that I posted a comment here already telling you how neat that basketball goal picture is... I love the way the tress frame all the way in the distance.

    I also thought that I already posted a response rubbing it into to your face that we've been in shorts for the last month and a half.

    But i guess I just did that all in my head via my reader... :)

  8. @Judith & Rachel:

    Shut up braggers!! teasing, I lurve ya!

    Thanks for the compliment on the photo Judy, maybe I should see if I can repeat the shot in the nice weather...???


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