Thursday, September 02, 2010

and the horse you rode in on......

it must be nice to sit in judgment of others.

you bitch about us not visiting you but you've NEVER come here exclusively to visit us.

your visits are always part of one big trip to visit everyone.

and we usually have to drive 2+ hours or more to see you, you've come to our place twice.

not to mention that you time your trips horribly and get pissy when we can't make it there during your visit.

some of us have work and school, we lack the flexibility to drop everything and go on vacation...or visit people out of town.

plan better next time jackass.

don't lecture us about "helping" when we've done what we can from where we are, especially when we've been told it's been handled.

it's not our fault things changed, we weren't all.

turns out that they're adults and if they needed us they could have asked.

don't call here just to bitch about it....i don't want to hear about it and he doesn't deserve your guilt trip.

your balls must be brass for you to try to tell me that family is more important than friends, i can think of more than a half dozen times when you've brushed us off for your friends.

my friends ARE my family.

if family wasn't so bad at keeping in touch and being kind to each other maybe we'd be more interested in spending time with them.

honestly, i wish you'd just shut the eff up and worry about your own damn life.
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  1. Friends are family b/c without you, I could not be the person that I am today and I thank you. M

  2. awwwwee Mel that's so very kind of you to say! You made my day love!

  3. Phew! Good thing this isn't exclusively about me, LOL I only come there to visit you cuz you're all I know in that state. ;-)

    But I hear ya! I did a similar blog recently. Seems you and I have sort of been on the same wave length about people in our lives.

  4. Jools!!!
    This is in NO WAY about know I got nothin' but love for ya honey!!!

  5. I knows, LOL Was just bein' silly! LOL


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