Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goin' to the Movies....

The King and I told the boys that we would take them to a movie last weekend and after much discussion and a little bit of a disagreement about whether or not 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' was an "Ernest" movie in disguise, we agreed on 'Bedtime Stories' so we looked up movie times and made a plan for later that day.

As usual on the weekend The King practiced his hobby of holding down the furniture so it doesn't blow away when the warm air blows out of the furnace, it was while he was doing this that he happened upon an ad for 'Inkheart' and decided that he wanted to wait till this weekend to go to the movies because 'Inkheart' is the movie he really wants to see....

Honestly I was thrilled, and so was Ace.......Knave on the other hand has been moping since I said I would rather be blinded by birds than watch 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop', so he of course had to be contrary about it. I've decided that Knave is going whether he likes it or not. If I have to I guess can watch 'Paul Blart' on DVD with him when it comes out (Remind me to drink that day, Thanks).

Ace has read the book you see so he is already a fan, I plan to read them soon I promise. So what's all the hubbub about? Well take a look.....

I'll let you know next week if it lived up to Ace's expectations, but I have to say a date with my King (even if I have to bring the kiddies) is a wonderful thing so I'm already happy!
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  1. A leave the house date with the husband is a wonderful thing with or without kids. Have fun.

  2. The half of book I got to read (before the boy child conveniently lost it at school even though he knew I was reading it) was really good.

    And woohoo for Date with the King!! I hope y'all (even Knave) have a great weekend.

  3. Qweenie's Court; complete with a King, Ace and Knave. I love the literary descriptions.

    Hope you're doing well over there in Sconie land! :)

  4. Wait, I thought you were in WI...IA now?

    Someday I will pay attention.

  5. S'ok Pugs! We just moved at Christmas.

  6. As long as the movie-bidness people keep Brendan Fraser's hairline at AFTER-Encino Man and PRE-losing the crap out of it, I will watch any movie he's in at least once.
    Also, MUST read these books, I've been trying to get them, but I keep getting sucked into other stuff...


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