Thursday, January 22, 2009

Over the river and through the woods.... Grandmother's house we go....

Okay so being only 33 and my eldest child being only 11 I probably don't have to worry a ton about grandchildren (unless there's something The King has neglected to mention), but for some reason I started thinking the other day about what I want my grandchildren to call me once they are here and can speak.

In my family growing up I had Grandma N and Grandpa C, Grandma R and Grandpa F and when mom remarried Abuelita and Grampa when someone said "Call Grandma back" I'd say "which one?". Same thing with my Grandpas. The only one I knew for sure was Abuelita, otherwise it was just too confusing.

When The King and I got preggo with Knave we immediately started trying to figure out names for all the Grands, we also had to take into consideration the fact that most of my Grands were still alive and ALL of The King's Grands were still living. This took a lot of thought and of course input from the Grands themselves.

My parents went with Papi (my stepfather is Puerto Rican) and Nonna. My father went with Papa D. The King's folks decided on Papa & Nana. It all worked out okay because the Great Grands all basically kept their previous titles, though my maternal Grandmother (now widowed) decided to have the boys call her GiGi, as in G G (Great Grand).

So here's where my new found urge to pick my 'Grand' title comes from.....even if my first grandchild doesn't show up for 15 years, our parents are young enough to still be around (and so is GiGi).

So what to call ourselves to avoid the confusion?

The King wants to be called Opa, he says it sounds fun and he wants to be a fun Grandpa. Since German is part of his heritage and mine, I figure why not. Now I on the other hand would like to be called Mémé (French for granny). I figure if we are lucky enough to become Great Grands someday maybe then I can be Oma to King's Opa....
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  1. Great, thanks a lot! Now I'll spend the rest of the day thinking about what I want to be called when the time comes for me to become a grandparent. *shudders*

  2. Jewels you better decide since you're WAY CLOSER to Granny-hood then I am....LOL

  3. Oh you just had to go there didn't you....beyotch, LOL But hey in the spirit of things, Lisa is way closer then we are.

  4. Screw the BOTH of you! I'm leaving this blog because I don't even want to think about this crap!


  5. All of my grandparents were Grandma and Grandaddy, we just added last names. We were soooo boring.

    At 39, I bet I am closer than any of you. I have a son that is married. UGH! But you know, I am kinda ready to be able to spoil a child and then send it home. I think I will just go with, "The best Grandma in the world" think they will ever learn to say it? heh!

  6. My MIL is Nana and my mom is just grandma. Sadly my son only has one grandpa, so that was an easy answer.

  7. i'm going to make mine call me Super-G. or they don't get any chocolate sandwiches.
    okay, they will.


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