Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Everyday Things

My wonderful friend Roxy over at The GunChick made a post a few weeks back called "Everyday things...." where she displayed some photos of well, everyday things. She was ever so gracious to allow me to steal her idea and run with it myself.........



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  1. Yeah, I seriously love you now! Very cool. I'll have to post my Buddhas some day for you to see. Maybe when I get my new cam!

  2. i love the chinese letter thingie. what is that symbol?

  3. @Mish~ sweet!! I have a HUGE buddha collection, but rarely take pics of stuff like that for some reason. Maybe that will have to change.

    @holly~ That letter thingy is actually a little lamp, I got it from my Mum and I don't actually know what it means...spicy tuna roll perhaps?? LOL

  4. What a great idea! Love love love the flowers! Amazing photo! :)

  5. Great flower picture! Seems like my everyday involves me cleaning up to much one wants a picture of that;)

  6. Dude, the Buddha rocks! And you did a great job on the pic of the flowers!

    Oh! And I'm seriously lovin' the anniversary gift you've got on your sidebar. :)

  7. @Judith~

    Thanks, I'm learning how to do extra stuff with my camera.... progress is

    My anniversary ring? yes I lurve it, thank you!! teehee....

  8. Way cool stuff! I love the rose - beautiful!
    That was my reason too - just getting better with my camera... And it's fun... Now I need to do another set...

  9. @Roxy~

    Yes, thanks for sharing your Everyday Things... with me, I'm really enjoying finding things to photograph...

    Can't wait to see your next set!!

  10. from what i understand, my blog has been messing up a lot of computers! hmmm...wonder what's going on?!
    ok, getting rid of some of the widgets!


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