Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful......

Today they called off school. It's in the single digits and snow is blowing all over the place. We're all bundled up in our blankies still wearing our jammies.... Gotta love a snow day!! Think I'll take another nap.....neener!!
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  1. Our weather is supposed to turn to ick really soon here. Temps falling from 50's to nothing with windchills below 0 and gusts up to 45+ miles per hour. Snow too. Yuck!

    HMMMPHHH...no fair, you got a nap!

  2. i want a nap!!! oh wait. it's my bedtime. YAYYYYY!!!

    i was starting to be jealous at all the snow days you people state-side are getting. then i remembered i hate snow, so i'm not at all bothered about not having snow days.

    have fun with that. ;)

  3. we're supposed to get that weather starting tomorrow. meanwhile, it's been in the 40's...no wonder my sinus's are screwy!
    hope you enjoyed your lazy day!!!

  4. I had a nap yesterday, too, and it wasn't even a snow day! LOL Hope Qweenie and her court are safe and warm!

  5. I am soooooo jealous!!! All we got last week was wimpy sleet!!

  6. Cold here to, but we had to go out anyway...Stay warm, enjoy the nap!

  7. I guess that storm you're getting is headed our direction (Ohio)... oh boy.. I'll be home with just the kids for the next two days, so I guess I'd better hit the store.

    Stay warm... snuggling in blankets, napping and relaxing sounds like a good day... putting that on my schedule for tomorrow, lol!

  8. Oh my gosh. I hate the snow. Brrrr!

  9. Ah, I miss snow days. The closest thing to those we get around here are hurricane warnings... lol


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