Sunday, January 06, 2008

So little time....

Busy busy busy......

For the second weekend in a row I have run around like a chicken with her head cut off!! Such a busy weekend....of course in some ways next weekend will be worse but more on that later.

This time I had a family Christmas party to get ready for and attend. Friday we ran around picking up all our ingredients for the food we were preparing, then came home and did all the prep work that we could a day early....oh and while we were out we all got hair cuts.
The poor woman who cut my sons' hair showed a slight interest in Pokemon and the next thing you know my guys are following her around the salon spewing Pokemon facts, and bless her heart she pretended to care!! (As soon as my cut was done I got them out of there....LOL).

When I got home from my hair cut I had to get on the computer (and phone) so that I could be a guest on my friend Fiesty's online radio much fun!! We talked about all kinds of crazy stuff.... got a few good laughs too...LOL

Yesterday was spent at basketball!! The boys did great but one's team got beat while the other kid's team totally dominated!! Then it was home for showers and then off to Minnesota for family Christmas time!! We finally got home about 2:30 this morning and everyone dropped like

Oh did I mention I slipped on some ice at the party and seriously hurt my leg?? Well I did, and today all the other parts of me are hurting and I have a lovely shade of purple developing on my knee, ankle and the top of my foot.....Perfect!!

So that brings me to is laundry (I can hardly contain my excitement) and cleaning day (seriously, I'm so happy I may burst)......I hope it's also "stay in yer jammies" day because I am just too tired to do the other stuff AND get dressed...LOL
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  1. Oh darlin'!!
    I'm so so sorry!
    Dude, I missed the show again! Would one of y'all please call me and remind me!! Damnit!!
    I hope you're better!

  2. @ Rachel~

    Well there's one next week, same bat time, same bat channel...LOL

    I'll call ya tomorrow honey....

  3. i so hate ice. ice, i hate you. unless you are in my diet dr. pepper. then you are ok. otherwise, you suck, and not in a good way.

    i gave up housework for blogging. it's someone else's problem now. (oh how i *wish* that were true...)

  4. i hope your leg feels better...soon, that nasty purple bruise will be a loverly shade of yellow!!!

  5. Dude, I totally spaced on the show!!! I'll pull up the archives later.

    How are ya feeling? Still sore as hell, I'd imagine...

  6. Thanks for the concern ladies!! I'm doing much better today...


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