Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Sorry that I have been missing in action for the last week or so, I swear I have really good excuses thought up. Not that I would ever WANT to lie to my wonderful bloggy friends....just that the lies sound so much better than the truth and I would like to make this an interesting read for you.....

Alas, my heart says go with truth so I guess I shall....

After finally returning from the hell that was "spending time with my FIL", I got home and proceeded to wrap every freakin' present in our house all on Christmas Eve ( I was up FOREVER). I had barely gone to sleep when I was awoken by eager faced children begging to shred open the same presents I had just got done wrapping (I think they hate me, they must right?), so I spent Christmas Day dozing off and on in my husbands recliner. I spent the better part of Boxing Day doing the same as on Christmas Day, with brief periods of talking on the phone, until around 3pm when I suddenly decided that the entire house had to be rid of the Christmas decorations...NOW! I stayed up entirely too late doing that bunch of business but in the end I actually felt better than I had in days so it all worked out I guess.

Thursday found me cleaning like a crazy person....tearing things apart, whipping up dust and Windex everything to a nice shine. My mother-in-law came to sand and prime my bathroom...why you ask? Because she's good at that stuff so I asked her to do it (I think my bathroom is finally NOT going to feel like a dirty old cave...YAY!!). When she finished my bathroom she packed up my kids and whisked them off to her house for the next TWO WHOLE DAYS so that hubby and I could celebrate our anniversary.

Yep, you heard right...ANNIVERSARY!! 11 years together and we still mostly like each other...ha, take that nay sayers!!

So anywhoooo..... and I've been intermittently spending time with my family and cleaning out my house ever since (just felt like the right time to start purging the household, yeah?), and so I beg your forgiveness my bloggy friends. I have neglected your blogs and my own for far too long, and I promise that if you forgive me this time I will TRY not to do it again....

No really, I mean it.


Why are you looking at me like that??

I said TRY......
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  1. you should feel no blog guilt over the holidays. it proves you have a life outside this here inter-o-net.

    your c/eve was similar to mine. only i decided some of the presents didn't need wrapping (santa's have never been wrapped in our house.)

    who is your mil and where can i get one like that? jeez. you lucky b* you!

    congrats on the still-liking after 11! the jury's out here (we're coming up on 13). one more horror-related gift ought to tip the scales well against him.

  2. @holly~ Santa's gifts (stockings and air hockey table) weren't actually wrapped, just the stuff from us and I did the shopping for m parents so I also did their wrapping (they live 2000 miles away).....

    As for the MIL, well sometimes I would give her away for a dollar and other times I'm really glad she's here...so yeah, I'm a lucky B* all right!! LOL

  3. how can you sleep on boxing day?! shop till you drop! my parents used to take us to toronto, for boxing day...it was awesome!
    happy new year!!!

  4. Well, all is forgiven in the land of bloggy town. And heck, no apologies were even necessary so just stop it.

    OH ya, Happy Belated Anniversary and New Year my dear!

  5. Happy Anniversary lovey!
    I miss you!
    Did you get my message?
    Hope you're all rested and enjoying your clean house!

  6. This is the best descriptive line of a mother-in-law I have ever read. In my life. Love it!

    "My mother-in-law came to sand and prime my bathroom...why you ask? Because she's good at that stuff so I asked her to do it."

    Ask and ye shall receive.


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