Friday, February 08, 2008

ya know, I really like vanilla......

so I've been thinking......

What would it be like if things always worked out according to plan? Would things have worked out so well for me? What if I had stayed in California and graduated with my friends? Would I have gone to college or started working right out of school? What if I had gotten a degree in design ? What if I had been a successful career woman? .....

My life is exactly what and where I want it to be. I didn't go to college but I helped my husband get his degree.....I worked my ass off in and after H.S at low paying jobs till I finally made it to management, and then poised on the cusp of truly being recognized I decided to be a wife and mother.... I still would like to get a degree in design one day and maybe even have a home business but for today I am happy to be where I am right now and happy to be who I am right now.

I am a better person than most people ever knew I was. I am a smarter person than people give me credit for. I am a kinder person than I let others know about. I love my husband with every fiber of my being, he is a kind and tolerant man, a wonderful lover and above all else a great father. He makes me laugh and he's my best friend.

It sounds so cliche to say that life is what you make it.....but it really is. If you spend all your time worring about things you can't control, you'll miss all the little things that make life a real adventure!!

Sometimes we forget to count our blessings.....sometimes ya just gotta try to find some.....and sometimes there are so many you can't count them all......!!!!!!!

I'm begining to sound like a cult member so I think I'll be done now, but don't worry I'll be pissed as hell about something silly tomorrow and all this will be forgotten for a while............
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  1. 1) vanilla is a fabulous rich flavor, in spite of the idea that most people think it's quite plain.

    2) having a life you are happy with doesn't make you "vanilla" in the 'plain' sense, if that's the reference you were making.

    3) *all* the toppings go really well on vanilla. . . :)

    4) *moms* are in *charge* of the ice cream. okay this last one was me reaching.

    but i totally agree with the 'life is what you make it' . absolutely. :)

  2. So true. I really got to start looking at the good things in my life. It might take me a while to find them though.

  3. You just exude positivity. I love it!

  4. haha. I love the last paragraph of this post. I mean, I like the whole post, but the last paragraph is just classic. :)

  5. OK, would ya stop preaching to me. LOL!! I like vanilla but "plain" chocolate is my favorite. Yes, yes, I know what you were getting at for real. Just my sorry attempt at being funny.

  6. Never say never...You will get the opportunity to go to college if that's what you want...Remember, life is what you make of it;)

  7. Step away from the kool-aid.

    (Seriously, though, you are my most favorite-ist people in this whole wide world... and if you like vanilla, well then, by God, I do too. :))

  8. Vanilla's not so bad over my way, either! It's great that you (and me too, BTW) can be happy with your life and what you have. Many people don't feel that way. Yet another blessing!

    Love your blog, BTW! :)

  9. Hot damn!
    Love your vanilla'ness'

  10. that is a wonderful post!!
    just stopping by to wish you a happy valentines day! the siamese cat!! i had a moon face seal point siamese cat, named kyoto, when i was growing up! he was the first love of my life!!


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