Sunday, December 23, 2007


I live in the mid-west. Western Wisconsin to be exact. My in-laws live in Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb actually.

On Friday my little family packed up our little cross-over SUV and headed west to Minneapolis to celebrate early Christmas wth the in-laws. on Saturday I was ready to come home but I decided to suck it up like a big girl and be patient because we would be heading home the next biggie right?

Today the mid-west got bitch slapped by Jack Frost. So for tonight I will be stuck at my in-laws.....AGAIN, get the bail money ready and pray with me that the roads are passable tomorrow morning....LOL

Sorry this is short and whiney but hey youse guys are like family.....'cept different. :)
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  1. I shall kick Jack Frost's ass along with the in-laws if they do anything to upset my Qweenie even more than they already have!

  2. i live in the midwest, too...michigan, to be exact. we got bitch slapped by mr. jack frost, too...only, just wind and frigid temps!
    i think that i'd have to do some serious drinking, if i got stuck, longer than an hour, with my in-laws! i feel for you!
    good luck on your sojourn home!

  3. So sorry honey.
    I'll send some Texas warmth to melt old jackie's nips.

  4. If only it'd snow here...


  5. So stuck here in MN. Well, your invited to our place if you would like to get a way from the in-laws. If the roads are descent I don't want any friends/family in accidents.

    Think of warm thoughts for you. S

  6. hey...merry christmas!!!
    hope you got home safe and sound!

  7. we had sympathy pains (re travel). my husband missed his xmas-eve-eve flight back from seeing his ma, and luckily, the xmas-eve flight escaped the fog-cancellation.

    hope you didn't need the bail money. :)

  8. I got home finally on Christmas Eve and spent the WHOLE night wrapping presents....yesterday I sat in my jammies all day!!

    Hope everybody had a great holiday!!

  9. Oh dear! I do hope you made it home by now!


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