Monday, December 10, 2007

So much to do.......

I spent the better part of today avoiding doing any Holiday prep at all. See I didn't notice that it was the 10th already and well, I haven't done a thing to get ready so far. There are no lights on my house, no tree in the living room, no cookies baking and NO cards sent. Yep, I haven't even started my cards, let alone have them ready for mailing.

I feel like Scrooge. I don't give two shits about Christmas this year. I don't understand that feeling but there it is, slapping me in the face every time I turn around. I don't know maybe it's because I work my ass of to get it all up and then again to tear it all down and everybody else just gets to enjoy it......

Oh did I mention that I have to do all the present shopping. Yes, me....all by myself. I buy, I wrap, I stick it under the damn tree. I do these things so that my family has a merry Christmas but dammit, I want a merry Christmas too!! I want a massage and a Mani/Pedi! I want to get my hair done and go out to eat. I do NOT want to lift a finger, oh but I will. I will dutifully bake, wrap and decorate and in January I will tear down and pack away. That's what a wife/mother does for those she loves.

I tell you what though, as soon as those kids of mine get old enough THEY will be the ones hanging lights and baking!
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  1. Smooches to my favorite Scrooge ;-)
    Don't feel bad, our pics aren't done either. Love ya.

  2. I can't get our pics done until my gma sends out the kids christmas clothes. Looks like it will be Jan. before pictures get sent out. Oh well!

    Scroogy or not, you'll make it through, I promise!

  3. That sounds like my house K! I think the husband thinks there is a Santa and I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise. Fucker.

  4. I hear this sentiment, totally, Qweenie. I'm just now trying to get into it, just for the kids.

  5. a mommy's work is never done! and, if you ask me...i'm sick of it. let's start a revolt!

  6. We only had a baby so he can someday help string the lights up outside. Shhhhh!

  7. Sweet!!! You ladies sure know how to make a scroogie chic feel better!! Thanks!!

  8. The Only Thing I Know is...

    We shall be scrooges together, honey... But, I agree, things were so much easier when we thought that there really was a Santa...


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