Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On Friends.....

I have recently (and by recent I mean almost a year now) been graced with the presence of some loverly new friends in my life. Women..... can you believe it? I have chic friends!! And they don't stand me up or flake for no good reason.

Amazing you say??

No, they are internet friends who have turned into phone friends and even snail mail friends as we have started sending each other cards and whatnot. They are moms just like me, with kids and husbands. They are going through the same crap as me and surviving. And for the first time in forever I feel less.....alone.

Okay yeah, so we met on the internet and how do I know that they aren't just some dork in his undies posting from mommy's basement??
Well I guess until I have a chance to meet them I never will know for sure, but for now it doesn't matter to me.

I have new girl-friends!!

I finally have chic friends who call to ask how my doctor's appointment went yesterday. And they check on me because I sounded "down". I have chics who make me laugh. I have chics to compare stories with.

That's not to say that my big gay (sorta like) brother is not my "chic" friend but sometimes he and I have a hard time staying in touch....we go months without hearing from each other. It sucks but it's how we work.

Courtney, Rachel and Jeanie.......Thank you, for everything. I LURVE you ladies!!

Marianne & Heather .....a girl couldn't ask for better "sisters"!!

Sitt.....I will always be your biggest fan and most loyal Hag!!
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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... smooches love!

  2. I know how it is... sometimes you just need another chic to talk to... it's good to have friends.

  3. @Rach: Smooches to you!!

    @tara: Ya know sometimes ya just do! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. You are the greatest! I lurve you!!!


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